From 85% of energy sold to the grid, up to 85% of self-consumed energy with 4-noks technology.

“Should you be interested, I’m happy to share with you how I improved my daily self-consumption from 14% up to 86%”. With a few words, Gianni Z. introduces himself in a friendly and simple way, offering his own experience on self-consumption.

With a strong attitude toward a green lifestyle, Gianni lives in Verona in an eco-sustainable Wolf Haus structure, built following criteria of environmental footprint reduction and with low energy consumption systems.

A firm believer that each person can actively contribute to the environmental safeguard on a daily basis, in 2016 he decided to install a solar PV system (4.3 kW) to further reduce his domestic emissions. Gianni followed his installer’s advice and he immediately integrated to his system a monitoring device for energy production and consumptions, realizing the importance of having at disposal a full set of information on domestic energy flows and self-consumption capacity.

“Being a tech savvy, I chose 4-noks Elios4you Smart. This device allowed me to have full control of my system from my smartphone via an easy and intuitive App”

The first step after installation was programming the activation of the heat pump with a timer (from 8.30 am to 8.30 pm), to properly use hours of high production to heat his domestic sanitary water.

Gianni soon noticed how the energy effectively self-consumed was only a minimum part compared to the energy produced: with a 14% self-consumption, the energy left was necessarily fed to the grid. Furthermore, he still needed to purchase a great quantity of energy to cover his daily energy requirement.

Consulting his system installer, Gianni saw a great opportunity of improvement: heating sanitary water to use the energy previously fed to the grid and cut down his energy bill.

To reach his goal, he thus decided to add 4-noks Power Reducer, which, once connected to an immersion heater, could heat water using only the energy available from solar PV system.

Since he couldn’t supply the immersion heater of his heat pump with Power Reducer, Gianni decided to purchase an immersion heater tank with 120lt capacity. Therefore, he connected Power Reducer RC to the immersion heater within the storage tank, which was in turn connected to the heat pump.

As a result, the Power Reducer could heat water adjusting the energy coming from solar PV, using all watts available, without ever purchasing any energy from the grid. Then, the heat pump receiving water from the storage tank consumed much less energy, or none at all, because the water was already warm.

From May till October included, Gianni was able to heat all the sanitary water he needed in total self-consumption.

Moreover, having a surplus clean energy at disposal after the water in the immersion heater tank was at temperature, Gianni added two 4-noks wireless devices: one Smart Plug RC and one Smart Switch RC connected to the 2 electrical radiators in the bathrooms.

Thanks to the App “Elios4you”, their functioning is managed in an autonomous and smart way, according to the user’s settings.

Establishing an order, Gianni decided his two electrical radiators had to be switched on sequentially when there was enough clean energy available, but only if water temperature of the immersion heater tank was brought to temperature.

“I’m very proud of the results. – Reports Gianni – In a short time, I was able to fully reverse the energy balance at home. Until one year ago, I released to the grid more than 85% of my energy, whilst now I am self-consuming the same quantity. This outcome is beyond my personal expectations and I’m quite happy to share that with you”.

This is a remarkable goal considering the level of energy independence of the house out of the total energy yield. At present, Gianni’s family can cover more than 70% of their own consumptions thanks to renewables resources.

  • Household: 2 people
  • House: detached Wolf Haus 140 sq. with basement of same dimensions in Verona
  • Solar PV system: SunEdison Silvantis® Series; 15 panels of 285 W for a total of 4.3 kW
  • Inverter: ABB Power One PVI 4200 TL OUTD S
  • Water heater: Ariston Nuos Evo from 110 lt.
  • Immersion heater tank: GIONA HOLDING ISS 120 lt. 1.500 W
  • 2 electrical radiators from 700 W
  • Year of installation of solar PV system: begin of 2016
  • Company installing solar PV system and monitoring system: IT-Energy s.r.l. di S. Bonifacio (VR)
  • Elios4you Smart installation: begin of 2016
  • Power Reducer RC installation: May 2017
  • Smart Switch RC and Smart Plug RC installation: May 2017
  • 1 Elios4you Smart
  • 1 Power Reducer RC (wireless)
  • 1 Smart Switch RC (wireless)
  • 1 Smart Plug RC (wireless)
  • 1 Radio Repeater