The combination of solar PV technology and the heat pump is definitely a winning formula for energy efficiency and the use of green energy. However, such combination is not always enough to ensure good self-consumption rates. Thanks to 4-noks systems, it is possible to boost self-consumption, using only the energy coming from solar PV system to produce hot water for free.

With Elios4you the surplus energy coming from the solar PV system can be automatically diverted to a heat pump. If the heat pump is supplied with an input for an auxiliary command (i.e. external timer), thanks to the “Elios4you” App it is possible to program the activation, depending on the energy available for self-consumption.

Otherwise, if the heat pump is equipped with an immersion heater, using a Power Reducer connected to the Elios4you it is possible to divert any Watt of surplus energy directly to the electric heater, getting a faster water heating without buying energy from the grid.


As a matter of fact, Power Reducer can adapt automatically immersion heater consumption, according to the surplus energy coming from the PV.

This means that if only few hundred Watts are available for self-consumption, Power Reducer powers the immersion heater using only the surplus energy availab

If the heat pump is not equipped with an immersion heater, the user will simply install an additional hot water storage tank equipped with immersion heater, feeding the heat pump storage with pre-heated water. Therefore, the water flowing into the heat pump will be already warm, reducing or avoiding heat pump work.

Thanks to a smart management system of the solar PV energy and to the combined use of the heat pump and/or immersion heaters it is thus possible to get the best result in terms of self-consumption, sustainability and energy savings. With 4-noks Elios4you and Power Reducer this is not simply possible but it is also automatic and super easy! Everything can be easily managed from the “Elios4you” App, adjusting the system operation anytime (even remotely) and monitoring self-consumption performance, solar PV energy production and overall home energy consumptions in real time.