More opportunities for solar PV self-consumption are now available using the new Smart Relay RC for Elios4you Smart systems, both single- and three-phase.

The new wireless device with dry contact relay allows the user to boost homegrown energy  consumption in a more flexible way: the relay can be connected to a contactor to manage the activation of electrical loads even with power higher than 3kW, indeed, using only the surplus energy produced by the solar PV system.

Once connected to the Elios4you Smart system and configured in the “Elios4you” App, Smart Relay RC can switch on and off contactors and appliances with digital input depending on the clean energy available.

Thus, the applications are clearly numerous: homegrown energy can be optimized to power heat pumps, swimming pool circulation pumps, irrigation pumps, submersible pumps and much more.

Furthermore, users can easily set the loads activation according to a customized priority order.

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