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Focus on solar PV and DHW production: how does Power Reducer work?

26 February 2019|

Heating water using your homegrown energy, a hot water tank and Power Reducer is one of the ideal solution to reduce energy bills thanks to self-consumption. However, how does it work? The operation of Power Reducer easily explained in a step-by-step guide.

Using Smart Plug RC to manage a dehumidifier: zero humidity at no cost thanks to self-consumption

15 January 2019|

Smart managing of a portable dehumidifier: how to boost your self-consumption using a wireless Smart Plug RC and your smartphone. An easy and quick application note to maximize the usage of your homegrown energy.

More flexibility in Solar PV self-consumption using 4-noks Smart Relay RC

22 May 2018|

More opportunities for solar PV self-consumption are now available using the new Smart Relay RC for Elios4you Smart systems.

How to boost solar PV self-consumption using a heat pump

2 May 2018|

The combination of solar PV technology and the heat pump is definitely a winning formula for energy efficiency and the use of green energy.

4-noks / Tutorial area update

17 April 2018|

4-noks website has been updated with new and complete tutorials for a better use of your homegrown energy.

4-noks case study / From producer to prosumer thanks to PV self-consumption

16 November 2017|

From 85% of energy sold to the grid, up to 85% of self-consumed energy with 4-noks technology. “Should you be interested, I’m happy to share with you how I improved my daily self-consumption from 14% up [...]

4-noks case study / Eco-sustainable home: the power of Sun and 4-noks Elios4you technology

11 September 2017|

Green living: one of our customers from Bergamo, Italy, tells us why he introduced a solar PV system for smart self-consumption at his place. Claudio M., a technology enthusiast very sensitive to [...]

Thermal storage: the greenest way to boost PV self-consumption

9 June 2017|

The solar PV field is creating a stir with regard to electrical energy storage systems (EES); meanwhile, increased attention has been focussed worldwide on an alternative and handy storage system: hot water. The energy used [...]

France: bonuses for solar PV self-consumption, 4-noks products meet requirements

25 May 2017|

In France two bonuses for the self-consumption of homegrown energy produced by solar PV systems are currently available: Tax credit on renewable resources (in French CITE) and reduced VAT to 5,5%. 4-noks products, notably Elios4you Smart and Power Reducer, comply with the requirements [...]

4-noks / The 4-cloud portal is now in French

17 May 2017|

The management and analysis of data originating from solar PV systems are essential aspects not to be missed when dealing with monitoring systems: this is a very much welcomed service by installers and end users. [...]