Interview with Mr. Corrado Marchetti – Managing Director at Astrel Group

How biomass can help energy cost savings and reduce carbon footprint?

Biomass heating – whether with pellet stove or with boilers – allows achieving economic savings as it can be used as an alternative to other fossil fuels. In fact, typically (in Europe) the cost of biomass in terms of €/kW is significantly lower than the cost of oil/LPG fuel or electricity. Moreover, thanks to the technological development of biomass appliances, it is possible to cut down energy consumptions managing heating times and schedules more efficiently. In addition, biomass heating can lead to significant savings in terms of both energy and money even if combined with traditional heating systems as well. The efficiency of modern biomass boilers is in most cases superior to 90%, thus comparable to gas condensing boilers.

In Italy are there tax credits for purchasing biomass appliances or related technologies?

Yes, there are tax credits both for building renovation and for energy efficiency projects during all 2018. Tax credits apply also to smart home systems in case the pellet stove can be “smart” managed from remote.

Is it possible to cut down energy wastes and optimize heating consumptions using Astrel Group technologies?

Of course. Over the Progetto Fuoco 2018 exhibition, Astrel Group presented the integration between two product lines for energy efficiency: Hottoh control units for biomass stoves and boilers and Rialto, the smart home system for heating management and energy saving. […]

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