Start monitoring the electric energy consumed to acquire awareness and reduce consumptions.

With this goal in mind, Astrel Group expands Rialto ecosystem dedicated to the smart home: new devices are now available to offer our customers tools of analysis to monitor and save energy. Always on the App at your fingertips!

The new Smart Meter, a wireless energy meter available as additional device for existing Rialto systems, or, alternatively, supplied in the starter Kit (Kit Energy Monitor) for new installations.

Designed both for domestic and professional/business uses, this device is very flexible for each customer’s needs.

Rialto Kit Energy Monitor

Indeed, fields of applications are several, also thanks to the possibility of installing many energy meters within the same Rialto system.

It is suitable for domestic fuse board, company production lines, continuous light lines in a company or a single electric load at home, such as a heat pump or for a swimming pool.

A valuable ally for energy efficiency use, the Smart Meter allows the user to acquire awareness of their own consumptions and to identify possible areas of improvement to undertake corrective actions and to reduce environmental footprint.

Rialto ecosystem is constantly expanding with a clear aim in mind: lighten users’ life thanks to technology, improve comfort and optimize energy consumption.

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