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Most recent revision: 09 July 2018

This notice is issued by Astrel Group s.r.l. (registered offices: Via Isonzo, 21/E – 34070, Mossa, Province of Gorizia, Italy; Italian fiscal ID code and VAT number: 00187070313) in its role as Data Controller, pursuant to articles 13 and 14 of EU Regulation 2016/679, and on the basis of the provisions of the General Provision of the Italian Data Protection Authority (GPDP) dated 08 May 2014, for the purposes of providing users of the website with information about the cookies used by said website.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are created automatically when a user accesses a particular website and that carry out one of a number of functions, such as authenticating information, session monitoring, or recording specific information relative to the User and the visit.
More specifically, cookies are issued to the User’s browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.) by the server (the physical location where the website is stored) of the website visited. They are stored locally on the User’s computer, in order that they can be retransmitted to the same website the next time it is visited.
While accessing the website, the User’s computer may also receive cookies from other, external websites (third-party cookies), which are configured and utilised directly by the owners of these websites for purposes that they, themselves, have defined.
Cookies may be stored on the User’s computer for varying periods of time, depending on their specific characteristics.

Types of cookie

Session cookies These are stored for the duration of the browsing session, which is to say that they are deleted automatically when the browser is closed.
Persistent cookies These remain stored on the User’s computer beyond the duration of the browsing session, and until a predetermined expiry date.
First-party cookies These belong to the visited website, which transmits them directly to the visitor’s browser.
Third-party cookies These are issued by websites other than the one the User is visiting. The Data Controller has no control over these cookies or over any information relating to them. Disabling these third-party cookies does not compromise the experience of accessing the website visited.Such third-party cookies are subject to the rules set out by the third parties in question, and as such, to manage or disable them the User will have to consult the privacy information notices and instructions published on the third parties’ own websites.

Categories of cookie.

Technical Cookies (strictly required):

Technical, browsing or session cookies are used to ensure normal use of, and access to, the website. Consistent with the Provision of the Italian Data Protection Authority (GPDP) dated 08 May 2014, the Data Subject’s consent is not required for their use.

Performance cookies:

Performance cookies collect anonymised and aggregate information on the ways in which the website is used and accessed, doing so for the purposes of improving the website’s performance. The types of information collected include, purely by way of example, the most frequently visited pages, and those that produce error messages.

Functional cookies:

Functional cookies record information about the User’s preferences, in order to personalise and improve the User’s experience of visiting the website according to his or her requirements. They use advanced functionalities including, purely by way of example, automatic language selection, the option of viewing videos form external platforms (such as YouTube) and the facility of publishing content on social networks.

Functional cookies used on the website
Name Description Duration
cookie_notice_accepted Memorises whether the User has clicked to accept the abbreviated cookies policy and has therefore consented to the use of cookies on the Website. 1 month
_icl_current_language Memorises the language option selected by the User. 24 hours
Profiling and advertising cookies:

Profiling cookies monitor and profile site users by analysing and recording the options they select and their browsing habits on the Website itself and on the Web in general, as well as their purchasing behaviour. They may be used to direct targeted, personalised advertising to the User.

The website does NOT use third-party profiling or advertising cookies.

Analytics cookies:

Analytics cookies are used for gathering information about the way users interact with the Website and how they use different sections of it for: the purposes of statistical analysis of page views, visitor numbers and visit duration; improving the website over time and making it easier to use; and monitoring whether the website is functioning correctly.

The information collected is anonymised and aggregate, and used strictly for the purposes of statistical analysis without the storage of any of the users’ personal data.

Analytics cookies may be transmitted by the Website itself or from third-party domains.


Analytics cookies used by the website

The Website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by the third party Google LLC. (“Google”), which uses analytics cookies that are installed on the User’s computer to collect data and carry out statistical analysis – all in an aggregate and anonymised form – relating to the way the visited website is used.

More information about this service is available on the website

The way Google processes the personal data of users who use its products and services is regulated by the Google Privacy Policy (

A list of the cookies used by Google Analytics is available at the following address:

Google Analytics third-party cookies used by the website
Name Description Duration
_ga Used by Google Analytics to identify users 2 year
_gid Used by Google Analytics to identify users 24 hours
_gat Used by Google Analytics to speed up requests 1 minute
Social network cookies:

These are third-party cookies generated by “social plug-ins” for networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. which appear on the host website as buttons. These plug-ins use cookies to transmit data, but they are not activated automatically; rather, they require an action on the part of the User (a click). An activated plug-in of this sort will remain active until the User disables it or deletes the relative cookie. Once activated, these plug-ins enable the associated network to continue to collect data irrespective of whether the button is pressed again or not. If the User is logged-in to his or her account on the associated social media platform, the social network is able to connect the plug-in to the User’s account. To avoid such a connection, the User needs to deactivate access to the social network before the button is activated.
The principal purpose of these plug-ins is to facilitate the sharing of content on the social network. This Website has no influence over the purposes for which the data collected by the aforementioned third-party plug-ins are processed.
Since they belong to third parties, the use of these cookies is subject to the rules set out by the controlling social networks. As such, for the purposes of managing or disabling said cookies, users will have to consult the privacy policy notices and instructions published on these third parties’ websites.

Social network cookies used on the website
Social Network Plugin/no. cookies Description Personal data collected: Place of processing
(Facebook Inc.)
The “Like” button and social widgets The “Like” button and Facebook social widgets are services provided by Facebook Inc. for interacting with the Facebook social network. Cookies and site-usage data. USA
(Twitter Inc.)
The “Tweet” button and social widgets The “Tweet” button and Twitter social widgets are services provided by Twitter Inc. for interacting with the Twitter social network. Cookies and site-usage data. USA
(LinkedIn Inc.)
The “Recommend” button and social widgets The LinkedIn button and social widgets are services provided by LinkedIn Inc. for interacting with the LinkedIn social network. Cookies and site-usage data. USA
For further information about these cookies and how to disable them, please consult the issuers’ own websites:
Facebook –
Twitter –
LinkedIn –
Cookies used by Google plug-ins.

The cookies transmitted by plug-ins for Google services (owned by Google LLC.) are necessary insofar as they permit users to access the content or services concerned, such as videos on the YouTube platform or maps provided by Google Maps, or to share content on the social networks mentioned above.
The information collected by the Google Plug-ins on the Website, which includes the User’s IP address, may be transmitted to Google and stored on its servers. Such information is managed entirely by Google itself. These cookies will not identify individual users, unless they have accessed a Google account, in which case they will be linked to the account.
These services, like all Google services, are subject to the relative contractual conditions and privacy and cookies policies.

Google Maps.

The Website uses the Google Maps service to display the geographical location of the premises where the company operates.


Certain pages within the Website may feature embeddedvideos that are actually stored on the YouTube platform (owned by Google LLC.). The cookies implemented by Google on any page that includes a YouTube video are used to record the number and behaviour of users of YouTube content, including the information that links and connects the visit to the Website to the User’s own Google account, in the event that he or she is logged into the account while accessing the Website.


Processing methods.

The data collected shall be processed using automated, electronic tools, and shall not be disclosed or communicated to third parties.

Provision of data.

With the exception of the technical cookies strictly required for normal browsing, the choice to provide data or not is left entirely to the discretion of the Data Subject, who may choose to proceed in accessing the Website after viewing the abbreviated information notice, which shall be displayed on a dedicated banner.

To prevent the installation of cookies, the User can disable this function using the settings for his or her browser (see the section “Disabling Cookies”, below).

Agreement and consent to the processing of data.

The User agrees and consents to the collection and processing of data by cookies by viewing the relative banner on the Website and clicking the “OK” button.

In the event that the User exits from the information notice by closing it without interacting with it, and proceeding to access the Website, he or she shall be considered to have given consent for the use of all cookies.

Disabling cookies

Without altering the requirement for those cookies that are essential for normal use of the Website, as described above, the User may disable cookies or adjust block levels as desired by accessing and modifying the relevant settings in his or her browser.

Since each browser – and often different versions of a single browser – operates differently from the others (at times significantly), we refer the User to the user guide for the browser in question for detailed information about the procedure for modifying these settings. For an overview of how to adjust these settings in the most popular browsers, please visit the website

Advertising companies also provide the option of opting out of receiving targeted adverts, should the User so wish. Doing so does not limit the configuration of cookies, but it does interrupt the collection and use of certain data by advertising providers.

For more information about opting out, visit the website

Further queries in relation to matters of privacy may be sent to the Data Controller using the information on the Contacts page.