Pellet and smart electronics: more efficiency and comfort in heating with pellet stoves.

The Rialto project was developed to deliver more efficient and comfortable control systems thanks to the use of electronics combined with IoT technologies.

Are you coming home later than you thought? Did you leave the stove on and there is no one at home?

Rialto system by Astrel Group easily overcomes such a waste of energy and natural resources thanks to the remote control by App.

You can simply buy a stove with a built-in wireless module or otherwise choose a stove set up for control with an external room thermostat, and you are almost ready! With a Rialto smart thermostat, its free App and an internet connection you can control the operation of the stove from your smartphone either locally or remotely.

Astrel Group has a long-standing experience in the design and manufacturing of electronic controls and smart devices. The company recently extended the application of the smart home system to the control of pellet stoves, including in some models a built-in wireless module for direct integration with the Rialto smart home system.

In that case, you have only to purchase a Rialto Kit Thermo and start the configuration wizard: once the pellet stove is connected, you can access all main stove parameters directly from the Rialto App.

Moreover, the wireless thermostat detects the room temperature and sends it both to the stove and to the Rialto control unit, which efficiently manages the stove running. Comfort and energy saving are at your fingertips!

Rialto system is the only smart home system specifically designed to reduce energy consumptions, particularly those coming from heating/cooling and electrical loads. Simple to install and to use, Rialto allows everybody to avoid energy waste in the house adapting in real time energy usage to personal needs, even from remote.

With Rialto smart home system, Astrel Group links traditional control systems to the Internet of Things, offering cutting-edge electronic solutions for a smart and responsible use of energy with high comfort. Each product is designed and manufactured in Italy, in the Astrel Group’s production plant.