The “new” Astrel takes off… even on the web!

A new site for many news!

The last year have been intense and challenging for us: new people, new products and new technologies have contributed to an acceleration of the whole Astrel towards the smart home and smart building market. But changes also need new languages and new inspirations: that’s why, after the new logo, a new website could not be missing!

Not only a new graphic design but also renewed contents, vision and objectives!
All our solutions are now under the new Astrel’s brand, with the same “technological” identity and the same goal: “simplify energy saving and safety with smart technologies.”

In fact today, the digitization of plants and IoT technologies make it possible to overcome the typically sectorial setting of the market: the optimized use of renewable energies, the energy-saving, the management of comfort and safety in buildings are now achievable with an integrated and scalable approach, using simple and accessible “smart home” technologies.

With this vision we offer modular but integrated solutions, that allow starting the “digital” transformation of living environments, regardless of what the initial need is, to extend it over time without any complications.

Today we are looking for new partners and installers interested in specializing in the emerging sector of Smart Home and Smart Building.

For those interested, here the dedicated form to become an Astrel installer!