When talking about bathroom space the most important aspect is definitely relax. And relax by definition means plunging into a pool with warm water…

Luckily, thanks to indoor SPAs, it is now possible to create an intimate atmosphere even in domestic bathrooms, to properly cuddle yourself. But what about the technology hiding behind all this?

It might seem trivial, but comfort is measured in terms of having water at the temperature desired, clean water which never cools, and customized hydro massage cycles to be activated when needed, demand advanced management and control systems. In addition, some more technology is required if you want to choose the perfect lighting for your mood, and, why not, to listen to your music streamed directly from your smartphone without worrying about unintentional dives of your beloved device.

Technology is developed, tested and constantly improved by expert companies, not simply to let you fully enjoy peaceful moments, but also – and most importantly – to do that in safety conditions, both in technical terms (it is well-known that electricity and water do not go together), and in terms of the quality of water we bathe in.

For that reason, the best OEMs of mini swimming pools carefully choose their partners to develop quality products and to assign the design of control units for such applications.

An example entirely made in Italy is given by the collaboration between Zucchetti. Kos and Astrel Group, which started a project to combine technology, design and comfort in a touch waterproof remote control for the Quadrat mini-pools.

To adequately respect the essential design of the SPA, they chose to hide all control components (control unit plus command panel) in a dedicated space, and only the remote control, which is totally waterproof, to set all the mini-pool functions.

Thanks to a sophisticated system of battery inductive charging, aesthetics meets functionality to create a totally sealed radio control (no need for an open battery compartment), which is automatically charged once you put it on the charging dock on the pool’s edge.

The outcome is high-tech elegance matching the minimal design of the SPA, thus meeting all user’s needs, with a balanced mix of safety, technology and design. All functionalities of the mini pool are at hand with a single device, to be used even with wet hands without worrying about unintentional dips in the pool. Therefore, comfortably lulled by the pool waves, you can adjust lights and chromo-therapy cycles, the water temperature, you can increase or decrease the volume of music streamed from your smartphone, and so much more.

Behind all that stands a cutting edge control unit, Modo VS2, responding to all customer’s needs: this is relax without worries.