Modo product range offers now a brand new solution to activate whirlpool pumps and lighting in pools and SPAs with time-out function.

The new CTV-03 electronic timer and the capacitive keypad ONE.KI are specifically designed to manage the activation of pumps and blowers in a quick, minimal and easy way.

Elegance and reliability are strong points for ONE.KI: the glass user interface hardwearing and super easy to clean up. Complete with LED backlight and state feedback, ONE.KI is waterproof and steam resistant. The capacitive surface is not sensitive to steam and water drops, thus avoiding unwanted activations. In addition, being entirely resin-treated and manufactured with non-hygroscopic materials, its components are not subject to infiltrations.

CTV-03 timer control is simple to install and to configure, the perfect solution for public pools and wellness areas: the user can easily customize the time-out function choosing among three prefixed time sets. Moreover, thanks to the “anti-repeated switch” function, it is possible to avoid continuous start/stop commands to the pump.

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