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Summer break

Astrel Group offices will be closed from August 5th till 25th, 2019.

23 July 2019|

Astrel Group new ownership: Mr. Cavalli at the helm of the company

Astrel Group, Italian company specializing in the design and production of electronic solutions equipped with IoT technologies, announces the acquisition of the entire property by Mr. Manuele Cavalli, an Italian entrepreneur with extensive experience

19 June 2019|

TTR2: wireless ZigBee Thermostat for home & building automation systems

TTR2 is a battery-powered wireless thermostat, ideal for managing heating and cooling in building automation systems in energy management and energy saving plans. Designed for OEMs and system integrators, TTR2 is available in two versions: ZigBee Modbus and Home Automation.

28 May 2019|

TL: the new temperature and light wireless sensor for ZigBee Home Automation systems

Meet TL, the new wireless temperature and light sensor by Astrel Group, designed for building automation and energy efficiency plans in ZigBee Home Automation networks.

21 May 2019|

Electronic solutions for pellet stoves and biomass heating systems, now on Astrel Group’s website

A complete range of electronic controllers for pellet stoves, burners and biomass heating systems is now available on Astrel Group's website. Specifically designed for OEMs, Astrel Group's control boards and panels are factory-prepped to allow remote control, for more sustainable comfort.

14 May 2019|

BlackBox: the new Ethernet Modbus Gateway for energy management systems

Astrel Group’s product range for monitoring environment and energy parameters has now a brand new gateway for ZigBee wireless networks.

7 May 2019|

What’s new on Astrel Group’s website

Astrel Group’s website has now a brand new section dedicated to OEMs and system integrators products: the ZigBee Energy Solutions wireless products are specifically designed for monitoring environmental parameters and energy consumption. Astrel Group offers a complete range of wireless sensors aimed at energy saving, available with ZigBee Modbus (proprietary) and Home Automantion protocols.

19 March 2019|

Focus on solar PV and DHW production: how does Power Reducer work?

Heating water using your homegrown energy, a hot water tank and Power Reducer is one of the ideal solution to reduce energy bills thanks to self-consumption. However, how does it work? The operation of Power Reducer easily explained in a step-by-step guide.

26 February 2019|

The nursery school goes smart with Rialto

Children and staff at the “Coniugi Minelli-Borella” nursery school, near Reggio Emilia (Italy), can now take advantage of the Rialto IoT technology for managing the heating system.

22 January 2019|

Using Smart Plug RC to manage a dehumidifier: zero humidity at no cost thanks to self-consumption

Smart managing of a portable dehumidifier: how to boost your self-consumption using a wireless Smart Plug RC and your smartphone. An easy and quick application note to maximize the usage of your homegrown energy.

15 January 2019|