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Astrel Group presents All-in-One: the perfect solution for smart pellet stoves

What about control electronics, user interface and power supply all in only 9 cm? With remote control via smartphone included? It's not a joke. It's All-in-One! The newly born technology by Astrel Group is called All-in-One, [...]

30 November 2017|

4-noks case study / From producer to prosumer thanks to PV self-consumption

From 85% of energy sold to the grid, up to 85% of self-consumed energy with 4-noks technology. “Should you be interested, I’m happy to share with you how I improved my daily self-consumption from 14% up [...]

16 November 2017|

Rialto ecosystem is growing: new wireless energy meters to maximize energy efficiency

Start monitoring the electric energy consumed to acquire awareness and reduce consumptions. With this goal in mind, Astrel Group expands Rialto ecosystem dedicated to the smart home: new devices are now available to offer our [...]

8 November 2017|

4-noks and Rialto / The updated list of our resellers

Our sales network for all 4-noks electronic solutions dedicated to solar PV self-consumption, Rialto products dedicated to the smart home and the line ZigBee Energy solutions is now available for the whole European territory. Take [...]

27 September 2017|

Astrel Group / Sales Meeting Italy 2017

Astrel Group Sales Meeting for the Italian market took place on September 8th 2017: this was both the occasion for sharing information and for presenting the company news and major products to sales agents. A special attention was given to the [...]

13 September 2017|

About the project “An IoT Plateform for the Home Automation”

Astrel Group will soon begin a research project entitled "An IoT Plateform for the Home Automation", aimed at analysing and developing basic components for a Home Automation System. Compatible with the plateforms of major multi-national companies, the [...]

12 September 2017|

4-noks case study / Eco-sustainable home: the power of Sun and 4-noks Elios4you technology

Green living: one of our customers from Bergamo, Italy, tells us why he introduced a solar PV system for smart self-consumption at his place. Claudio M., a technology enthusiast very sensitive to [...]

11 September 2017|

Modo / Elegance meets technology for total relax

When talking about bathroom space the most important aspect is definitely relax. And relax by definition means plunging into a pool with warm water… Luckily, thanks to indoor SPAs, it is now possible to create [...]

4 July 2017|

Rialto case study / Smart air conditioning at work lowers environmental footprint

The story of a company in Veneto, Italy, where energy consumptions have drastically decreased thanks to Rialto technology, without neglecting comfort and flexibility. Today innovative and flexible technologies are essential tools to [...]

26 June 2017|

Thermal storage: the greenest way to boost PV self-consumption

The solar PV field is creating a stir with regard to electrical energy storage systems (EES); meanwhile, increased attention has been focussed worldwide on an alternative and handy storage system: hot water. The energy used [...]

9 June 2017|