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BlackBox – ZigBee Ethernet Modbus Gateway Print datasheet

Gateway for connecting ZigBee wireless device networks to Modbus TCP/IP networks connected to a PC / SCADA supervisor via Modbus protocol
Main technical specifications
  • Gateway with Ethernet RJ45 communications port
  • Modbus TCP/IP to ZigBee Modbus protocol converter
  • Coordinator function within ZigBee networks
  • Standard Modbus TCP/IP interface
  • MicroUSB power supply
  • External antenna with SMA-RP connector
  • Provision for DIN rail installation
  • Dedicated IP configuration software
  • Can be used as replacement for Gateway code ZC-GW-ETH-EM
  • Building energy management systems
  • Building automation and industrial control systems

BlackBox is a ZigBee Modbus gateway with an Ethernet connection, and is mainly used to route data from ZigBee sensors monitoring environment and energy parameters and to control electrical devices and/or signalling systems.

BlackBox connects ZigBee low energy wireless device networks (comprising sensors, actuators, pulse counters, etc.) to cabled networks via Modbus TCP/IP protocol.

The device also permits asynchronous data acquisition from network nodes and high efficiency transmission direct to the supervisor.

Modbus protocol gateways ensure the easy integration of ZigBee wireless devices with third party systems in civil, commercial and industrial energy management, energy saving and automation projects.

Connection diagram
Models available
Image Code Description
ZC-GW-BB-EM-01 ZC-GW-BB-EM BlackBox – ZigBee Modbus Gateway with Ethernet connection
Technical specifications
General specifications Silicon Labs chip
Compatible with IEEE 802.15.4
Stack EmberZnet 6.4.1
Modbus / RTU
Radio specifications Frequency: 2405 MHz to 2480 MHz
Modulation: DSSS
Nominal transmission power: 10 dBm
Receiver sensitivity -90 dBm
Antenna External with 2 dB gain
Radio range: max 50 m outdoors
SMA-RP antenna connector
Power supply 5 Vdc; 0.4 A; 2 W (power supply included)
Status display 3x indicator LEDs
Connections 1x RJ45 Ethernet port
1x MicroUSB for power supply
Mounting Provision for DIN rail
Ambient parameters Operating conditions: -10 to +50 °C; <80% R.H. n. c.
Storage conditions: -20 to +70 °C; <80% R.H. n. c.
Degree of protection IP20
Insulation Class II
Conformity EU Directives: 2014/35/EU; 2011/65/EU; 1999/519/EC; 2012/19/EU
Reference standards: ETSI EN 301 489-1 V1.9.2; ETSI EN 301 489-17; EN 61000-6-1; EN 61000-6-3
Safety: EN 62368-1:2014; EN 62479:2010
Dimensions (L x H x D) 110 x 35 x 70 mm
Weight 95 g
Mechanical drawings
Configuration tools

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