Project Description

H-Test – Testing software for pellet stoves and burners Print datasheet

Testing software for HB07 and HB08 electronic controllers

Main technical specifications
  • Testing software for HB07 and HB08 electronic controllers
  • Supervision and testing of the pellet stove parameters
System requirements
  • CPU dual core, Intel Hyper-Threading technology
  • Compatible with 32/64 bit systems
  • Operating system: MS Windows (from Windows XP up to Windows 10)
  • Application software for OEMs
  • Compatible with pellet stoves and burners equipped with HB07 and HB08 electronic controllers

Software application for use on controllers of the HB line, dedicated to supervision of the operating status presented by a controller connected to a PC via serial adapter/USB.

Technical specifications
Display of all system variables Detailed monitoring of system events
Real-time change of operating parameters Simultaneous graphic display of time-based curves for up to 10 freely selectable variables
Change of SET point values Creation of log files for all system variables.
Change of technical parameters Status monitoring
Activation/deactivation of menus

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