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HB07 – Electronic controller for stoves and burners Print datasheet

Electronic boards with automatic monitoring of pellet quality, designed for pellet stoves and burners
Main technical specifications
  • On-board airflow sensor
  • Up to 6 TRIAC outputs
  • Up to 5 relay outputs
  • Up to 4 safety/alarm inputs
  • Up to 17 inputs
  • Circuit breaker — shuts down auger in the event of fault or malfunction
  • 2.5 MB memory
  • Modbus communication protocol
  • Boilers, hydro stoves, ducted air stoves, air stoves
  • Burners
  • Systems using water heaters, hot water tanks
  • DHW production
  • Solar panels
Compatible control panels
  • HD04-3D Touch; HD04-3D Quick Touch
  • HD04-3D
  • HRC03 remote control
  • IR remote control
Compatible accessories
  • WiFire and AppFire
  • Water pressure sensor
  • Pellet level sensor

HB07 is a complete range of electronic controllers for use with any biomass-fuelled appliance, be it a simple pellet stove or a boiler or burner installation, with automatic monitoring of pellet quality. All controllers of the HB07 line are factory-prepped to allow remote control — from IR handset or App — enabled by dedicated accessories.

Comparative chart
PFHPCP930008 PFHPCP930002 PFHPCP930004 PFHPCP930010
TRIAC outputs 6 5 5 4
Relay outputs 5 4 1 3
Analog inputs 10 10 7 6
Digital inputs 7 5 4 4
Opto-isolated inputs 4 3 2 4
Models available
Image Code Description
PFHPCP93008-HB07 PFHPCP930008* HB07 electronic controller
6 Triac; 5 relays; 4 alarms; auger circuit breaker
PFHPCP93008-HB07 PFHPCP930002* HB07 electronic controller
5 Triac; 4 relays; 3 alarms; auger circuit breaker
PFHPCP93008-HB07 PFHPCP930004* HB07 electronic controller
5 Triac; 1 relays; 2 alarms; auger circuit breaker
PFHPCP93008-HB07 PFHPCP930010* HB07 electronic controller
4 Triac; 3 relays; 4 alarms; auger circuit breaker

*Note: OEM product, customisable upon request according to the pellet stove model. Subject to MOQs.

Technical specifications
Power supply 230 Vac / 50-60 Hz ±10% Controlled digital output 0-5 V
Controlled phase-cut TRIAC outputs max 300 W PWM output (12 V)
On/off relay outputs max 600 W Buzzer
Hall sensor, smoke extractor motor Circuit breaker relay, auger geared motor power supply
Hall sensor, auger geared motor Real Time Clock (perpetual calendar)
Airflow sensor 24 languages, user panel
Opto-isolated inputs (safetys/alarms) USB2 port for programming
Analog inputs (room / water temperature probes) TTL serial communication port (WiFire, H-Test, system testing)
Digital inputs (pellets / hall sensor) I2C port (display connection)
Input, smoke thermocouple type J/K SPI port (radio connection)
Digital inputs (external thermostat / etc.) Dimensions (L x H x D): 175 x 145 x 35 mm

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