Children and staff at the “Coniugi Minelli-Borella” nursery school can now take advantage of the Rialto IoT technology for managing the heating system.

The “Minelli-Borella” preschool, located near Reggio Emilia, exemplifies some of the everyday problems of public and private buildings. Often equipped with outdated plants, such buildings would require major refurbishment projects to meet the present needs.

Built in the late 40s, the preschool has a gas heating system with hot-water radiators. Until recently, an old timer operated the heating, in combination with a switch wired to the water recirculation pump of the radiators.

Discomfort and energy wastes were thus a daily occurrence:

  • No control on the room temperature, since there wasn’t any thermostat installed
  • The old timer programming allowed just a rigid schedule, which frequently did not fit well the school timetable
  • In case of extra activities, someone had to go to school early and turn the heating on to ensure an adequate room temperature
  • Changes in the timetable and unexpected events often caused energy wastes

Smart heating: welcome comfort

Early in winter, one of the maintenance employees came up with a simple and cost-effective solution: replacing the old timer with Rialto, a wireless system to manage the heating via App.

Therefore, Rialto could turn the old heating into a smart heating system easily, without changes to the existing plant — to best advantage of the school’s limited resources.

The installation was uttermost simple. First, the electrician removed the old timer and the switch. After that, he installed a Rialto Smart Thermostat in the main room and he connected the Rialto control unit (Whitebox) to the internet router.

Finally, the “Rialto” app was configured on the smartphones of the two employees in charge for the heating. The preschool was ready right away for the winter season.

Using the “Rialto” App, the maintenance staff is now able to:

  • Define a daily / weekly schedule to ensure maximum comfort for all the occupants
  • Modify the timer easily, even when far from school
  • Monitor the room temperature and quickly modify the operation of the heating in case of need
  • Cut down on energy wastage due to oversights or unplanned events
  • Take advantage of the keypad lockout function, thereby avoiding offhand changes in the heating schedule and entrusting the climate control only to the personnel in charge

Technical information

  • Year of construction: 1947
  • Surface: 2-storey building of 300 m2
  • Single zone gas heating system with hot-water radiator
  • 1 x Rialto Thermo Kit (1 WhiteBox + 1 Smart Thermostat)
  • “Rialto” App installed on two employees’ smartphones