Energy Monitoring

Active monitoring of energy consumption in public sector settings, in industry, in commercial areas provided directly by the meter.

Monitoring and analysis of energy usage data on cloud platform, with independent internet connection.

4-modem system

A complete line of electronic devices for monitoring and analysis of energy consumption. Astrel devices simplify the implementation of energy saving initiatives thanks to the advantages of easy installation and remote control. In effect, all devices are entirely independent by virtue of the GPRS or ADSL connection utilized, and able to measure usage directly from the meter, without external action.

Devices of the Energy Monitoring line are ideal for keeping track of and optimizing the use of electricity in buildings, shops, public places, offices and industrial premises.

The range also offers solutions for monitoring and scheduled management of public lighting installations (streets, parking lots, industrial estates). These are devices that can be used to keep the use of electricity under control and implement important energy efficiency plans which include the remote programming of periods when lights are to remain on and off, by way of the integrated astronomical clock.

The data connected will be relayed automatically to the web portal so that information on costs and usage can be analyzed and stored, graphs displayed, and data downloaded from connected sources. The portal also allows the configuration and transmission of alarms by e-mail.

Monitoring of single user energy consumption via GPRS

With the 4-modem Plus 2.0 device, you can measure your energy usage directly from the meter, without external action, in fully independent mode. The inclusion of a built-in GPRS card means that data will be transmitted to the cloud portal and archived, all automatically.

Monitoring the energy consumption of public lighting

4-modem Lighting 2.0 is the device dedicated to the monitoring and management of public lighting installations (streets, parking lots, industrial estates). Simple to install and operate, it offers the functionality — besides routine monitoring — of implementing efficiency plans by synchronizing the times for which lighting remains on and off with an astronomical clock and e-mailing alarms that may be tripped. All controlled directly from the cloud portal.

Monitoring of multiple user energy consumption via ADSL

The 4-modem ADSL device provides “centralized” monitoring of usage by different users within building complexes (shopping centres, for example), plus the possibility of sending data to the cloud portal via the locally installed ADSL network. All data will be archived on the portal under a single profile for the integrated management of readings.

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