Full electronics expertise: hardware, firmware, engineering and manufacturing

Astrel Group distinctive feature lies in the development of electronic control boards for home and commercial application, both for OEM customers and installers, with a special focus on the markets of energy saving, smart home and wellness. With on-sight departments of research & development, production engineering and production plant, all products are designed considering all production restrictions and improving the product since the early stage of design process as far as costs and manufacturability are concerned.


Above all the design

Astrel Group is specialized in the development of very thin capacitive user interfaces with backlighting.

The capacitive touch technology permits to replace mechanical and metallic actuators of regular keyboards. Thus, products are more reliable and they can be designed with a wide range of keyboard shapes and materials.

The interface backlighting is possible thanks to LED lights and light guides only few millimetres thick. This technology ensures perfectly illuminated products with no glare, offering various benefits, such as the perfect light diffusion with a reduced energy consumption. Furthermore, using RGB LEDs, this special technology allows a variety of colours and shapes.


Bluetooth® connectivity for the Personal Area Network

Astrel Group is specialized in the manufacturing of electronic boards with Bluetooth® wireless technology since many years, focusing on the development of applications requiring a high quality audio streaming and serial communication with other devices, such as customized user interface. The Bluetooth® receiver name and its pairing codes can be customised combining quality and reliability with flexible personalization.

Wi-Fi and Ethernet: standards for the Internet of Things connection

Wi-Fi, Ethernet or both? The choice of a specific technology is aimed at connecting electronic devices to the internet in a variety of situations. Thanks to a deep experience in this field, Astrel Group can design gateways adaptable to all needs. In the modern Smart Home, as well as in the near future, those standards allows to communicate with things and betwenn things, with affordable prices on the market. Astrel Group offers off-the-shelf solutions to its OEM customers, providing simple technologies with its own know-how and cloud services, which are key features to turn “connected” devices into “smart” devices.

ZigBee®: energy saving even in data transmission

Partner of ZigBee Alliance since 2006 (starting as 4-noks), Astrel Group is specialised in the design, industrialization and manufacturing of environmental temperature, humidity and light sensors, energy meters and wireless thermostats, also with ZigBee® wireless technology. Beside a reduced energy consumption, ZigBee® networks have a great benefit: they can create mesh networks in which each network hub operates as repeater of the whole system. This peculiarity makes ZigBee® technology suitable to both consumer and commercial applications, guaranteeing a wide signal coverage.


e-paper and e-ink Displays: “natural” solutions for all applications

The e-ink and e-paper technology is a display technology which simulates the aspect of the ink on a paper sheet. Beside a high readability, widely used in e-readers, these displays have the evident advantage of an extremely reduced electric consumption. Their use on wireless remote controls or other wireless devices permits to obtain exclusive energy performance in terms of durability and reliability with a minimalist and elegant display.

Wireless remote control: high quality design, reliability and energy saving

For the development of new-generation remote controls Astrel Group combines capacitive technology with backlighting together with radio frequency technology to connect with control boards. Paying special attention to the energy autonomy of the device. The remote control, with an accelerometer on board, turns on only when used, otherwise it is in stand-by mode with minimum consumption.


The user interface for the Internet of Things, definetly.

The easiest user interface on the market is, at the moment, your smartphone or tablet. Astrel Group develops Apps for remote and cloud device control. Thanks to its own knowledge also in the development of mobile Apps, Astrel Group is a privileged partner for OEMs focusing on new Smart Home integration.


With a production plant of 3000 sq. m. o, 3 SMD lines of the latest generation, 15 PTH, mechanical and test assembly production lines, everything complies with the Just-in-Time philosophy: quality and continue production are guaranteed.

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Our latest news

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Astrel Group, Italian company specializing in the design and production of electronic solutions equipped with IoT technologies, announces the acquisition of the entire property by Mr. Manuele Cavalli, an Italian entrepreneur with extensive experience

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TTR2 is a battery-powered wireless thermostat, ideal for managing heating and cooling in building automation systems in energy management and energy saving plans. Designed for OEMs and system integrators, TTR2 is available in two versions: ZigBee Modbus and Home Automation.

TL: the new temperature and light wireless sensor for ZigBee Home Automation systems

21 May 2019|Comments Off on TL: the new temperature and light wireless sensor for ZigBee Home Automation systems

Meet TL, the new wireless temperature and light sensor by Astrel Group, designed for building automation and energy efficiency plans in ZigBee Home Automation networks.

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