This is a line of devices based on ZigBee technology for energy-saving systems and comfort. Dedicated to system integrators and OEMs searching highly reliable wireless solutions with low consumptions, ZigBee radio devices ensure high radio coverage thanks to mesh networks.

A dedicated device for every need.

Thermostats, energy meters, temperature, presence, luminosity and CO2 sensors, smart plugs, actuators with built-in energy and power meter: a complete range of wireless devices for Home & Building automation systems focused on smart energy management. Easy to integrate in any system thanks to gateways or bridges with Modbus or Home Automation protocols, they are also customizable for OEMs.

TL – ZigBee Home Automation Temperature and light sensor

Battery-powered wireless ZigBee Home Automation sensor for monitoring temperature and light in outdoor environments

TTR2 – ZigBee Modbus and HA wireless thermostat

ZigBee thermostat for controlling heating and air conditioning systems in home & building automation applications

ZigBee Modbus and HA Smart Plug

ZigBee wireless pass-through socket with built-in power meter, energy meter and relay for controlling electrical loads

ZigBee Modbus and HA Smart Switch

Wall-mounted ZigBee wireless devices with built-in power meter, energy meter for controlling electrical loads

BlackBox – ZigBee Ethernet Modbus Gateway

Gateway for connecting ZigBee wireless device networks to Modbus TCP/IP networks connected to a PC / SCADA supervisor via Modbus protocol

ZigBee RS485 Modbus Gateway

A complete range of gateways between ZigBee wireless device networks and Modbus RS485 networks connected to a PC / SCADA supervisor via Modbus protocol

ZigBee Modbus Temperature, humidity and light sensors

Battery powered ZigBee wireless sensors for monitoring environment parameters

ZigBee Modbus CO2 Sensor

Battery powered ZigBee Modbus wireless sensor for measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide

TID – ZigBee Modbus Module with digital inputs

Sensor with digital inputs and inputs for NTC temperature probes

TIR2 – ZigBee Modbus Relay Module

Sensor with input for NTC temperature probe, 2 digital inputs and 2 relay outputs

ZigBee Modbus Pulse counters

ZigBee Modbus Pulse counters for energy meters with digital inputs for voltage-free contacts and/or NTC temperature probe inputs

ZigBee Modbus Bridge

A ZigBee wireless device for connecting third party Modbus RS485 devices to a ZigBee Modbus Gateway

ZigBee Modbus Energy Meter 1~

ZigBee bidirectional wireless power meters with current transformer for single phase lines up to 15 kW

ZigBee Modbus Energy Meter 3~ / 6~

Bidirectional power meters for monitoring one three phase line / three single phase lines or two three phase lines / six single phase lines

ZigBee Modbus and HA Radio repeaters

Radio signal repeaters for extending the range of the ZigBee network