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Rialto Active: simple, universal, active

The simplest home automation system that will turn any home into a smart home

Simplicity speaks your language…
“Alexa, the guests are coming!”

Given that Rialto Active is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you can:

  • Use voice commands to control your system
  • Create routines, exploiting advanced functions of Alexa and Google and combining the Rialto system with other devices and services

Simplicity? A question of DNA

Rialto Active is a system created with the aim of making the advantages of a smart home accessible to everyone.
With the Rialto Active App you can manage everything, from initial installation to everyday use.
The devices and functions are always available, because good things are also functional things.

Transform your living areas into spaces that are more comfortable, safe and green. And it’s all so simple!

For everything, for everyone

Whether your electrical system is old or new, whether your aim is to use less energy, or to manage your home remotely or simply make it a more comfortable and safer place… Rialto Active is exactly what you need!

Rialto Active devices are designed so that they can be incorporated into any kind of electrical system, with no modifications required.

Which means simple installation, in whatever situation.

Simple = quick

Installation and configuration in record time!
  • Quick to install: control unit and new devices installed in just a few minutes
  • Quick to configure: no need to look at the manual!
  • Quick to use: the devices, information and commands you need are always immediately within reach… and within hearing!

Could anything be easier?

Use your photovoltaic energy supply simply and effectively!

With Rialto Active, you can maximize self-consumption of the energy produced by the photovoltaic source, thanks to its exclusive compatibility with the Elios4you 4-noks monitoring system. More exactly, you can exploit your PV system to best advantage for heating or cooling the home, providing domestic hot water, or activating the swimming pool pump… using only the surplus solar energy produced by your system, in other words… free of charge!

Which means lower fuel bills for you, and a cleaner environment!

Improvements call for measurements… energy too!

Whether the aim is to keep track of your energy usage or optimize the way energy consumption is managed, or to be certain that the light you turned on does not have a burnt-out bulb, Rialto Active will ensure you can achieve it!

Among its native functions, Rialto Active enables precise measurement of the energy consumed by connected devices, so you can be provided with information and functions that will be of help in the process of managing energy and saving it too.

Unlike other systems, in effect, the Rialto Active smart home solution provides an actual measurement, not an estimate: an essential aspect of setting up a home to be not only smart but active as well!

Where do you want to start?

Supervision of temperature or energy usage?
Management of lighting, window blinds, watering for the garden?

The need for a technology that can help you stay in ‘smart’ control of your home, even when you’re out and about, can arise in so many different ways…

Rialto Active is a modular and flexible system that meets every need and can also be expanded over time!

Find out what you can do with Rialto Active!

All the devices for your smart home!

All devices of the Rialto Active line are managed using a single App, with fully integrated procedures. Thermostats, flush-mounted lighting controls, window blind and awning switches… Do you already know what you need?

Simple, for the professionals as well

Are you an installer, an electrician or a systems engineering company?

We have developed our Smart Home systems precisely with you in mind!
Speed of installation, reliability and ease of use add up to two things: a satisfied customer and more time for you to do more.

Find out about the “professional” side of our systems and contact us for more information.

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