Astrel Group will participate in Progetto Fuoco 2018 with the best IoT technologies for energy efficiency

Electronics and smart home for biomass heating: those are the main novelties by Astrel Group for the 2018 edition of Progetto Fuoco.

Not only will there be advanced electronic controls, but also, and foremost, energy efficiency and reduction of environmental footprint thanks to smart technologies.

Sticking to the company’s values, always focused on reducing consumptions for a more sustainable living, Astrel Group is soon presenting advanced solutions for the OEMs sector, especially an important new entry.

The products line for the Rialto smart home is now widened to manage also pellet stoves from the App: the results are greater efficiency and usage comfort thanks to the remote control, lowering to energy wastes due to mistakes or unexpected events.

The integration of the stove with Rialto is easy and fast: the user only needs to purchase a stove equipped with Rialto wireless module, or designed for room thermostat management.

Therefore, Astrel Group will show the new control unit for pellet stoves: All-in-One, solid, elegant and smart-home-ready.

Extremely advanced technology and minimal design in a compact soul, All-in-One integrates in a single product the control panel, electronic board and power supply. Its distinctive features are quick installation –mounting costs are halved– easy wiring and most of all the possibility to connect it to Rialto system.

Finally yet importantly, the new control boards HB07 and HB08 for stoves and biomass burners will be there as well: this new automatic and smart control system of pellet quality offers a higher usage efficiency with same high performance.

Greater environmental sustainability and lower resource consumption are possible thanks to the smart home and to control technologies by Astrel Group.


Astrel Group @ Progetto Fuoco 2018

21-25 February 2018 / Verona (Italy)

Pav. 9 / Booth E11